Meet The Team!

Eric and Chrissy have been involved in cheerleading for 20 years. They participated in the inaugural ICU World Championships in 2010 (as stunt partners) winning gold with Team Canada. Both have been coaches, athletes, instructor, and of course music providers.

Eric began making music in his second season with his University Team. In his opinion, music brought the performances in cheerleading to another level. The atmosphere, mood changes, and pace that was created in the music and movement was something he would never get enough of. It's his goal to bring character and memorable moments to every routine he mixes for.

Chrissy started in cheerleading well before the all-star movement began. She was a high school cheerleading provincial and national champion. Her athletic ability as a top made her a valuable resource as a demo for many of the best instructors in the country. Her warm and open personality and passion to see everyone succeed allowed to continue from demo athlete to coach and instructor. Whether you've known her for years and are just meeting her for the first time, Chrissy people first attitude will instantly make you feel comfortable. She is a valuable piece to MSS, whether communicating by e-mail, text, or phone she's able to create a relationship with you instantly that will instil confidence in your decision to use Main Street Sounds.