In light of everything going on we wanted to create something that would narrow the gap between custom mixes and premades. TEMPLATES are just that!

On our end, we've premixed beats and builds and, fx are ready to be placed to your routine. On your end, you get to pick all your music, and of course write your voice overs. It may take a little more time on your end than a custom mix to get your information together, but for that, we pass on the savings to you. We think this a fun middle ground that might remind many of the coaches of how all mixes used to be done.

The Good and Not as Good

-You get to pick everything
-Lower Price Point
-Quick Turn-a-Round
-Up to 3 Sound FX edits in the season

-The templates are fixed
-Sections can't be adjust
-Limited to one content edit (ie switching a song that you thought might sound different)

Templates are a great option and we will continue to add more layouts. Go ahead and browse the Layouts and song galleries and see if you templates are a fit for you!

Next week we'll post tips on how to make your template mixes gel perfectly

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